Family Album

Honnour roll 1952

Philippe Bastid sent us this nice document which was given to an uncle of his grandmother in 1952. We learn that Christophe Louis had entered Panhard & Levassor in 1920. He received this diploma for his 30 years of service at Avenue d’Ivry …

Two great brothers, Albert and Emile Berjot

Mr. Cluzet sent us high-quality pictures taken in their time by his great-grandfather and great-grand-uncle. Lovers of cars and photography did not need more to sharpen our curiosity … Immersion in the late nineteenth century with Mr Cluzet …

Let’s start with Albert, the eldest, the great-grand-uncle of Mr Cluzet;

Albert (1848-1898) is a pharmacist by training like his father and his uncle, but he quickly takes the passion of inventor of his father. He shares his life between Luc-sur-mer in Normandy and Paris where he opened a photography and electricity shop, Quai Montebello.
Among other things, he is responsible for the BERJOT arc lamp which illuminated the univestal exhibition of 1889, as well as the flashbulb lamp or a machine for making aerated water ..

Albert Berjot car enthusiast, photographer and inventor of the arc lamp
He quickly became passionate about cars and bought a Peugeot with Daimler engine assembled by Panhard & Levassor.

We see him here posing proudly on his vehicle fresh out of the factory. The resemblance to the known snapshots of Rene Panhard and Emile Levassor are striking … Same costume, same hat and even pose … Even when stopped, we stay focused!

Unfortunately we can not read the engine number and type, but we distinguish on the plate the mark of the Avenue d’Ivry.

Too bad the color did not exist at the time, we imagine the brass pipes and brass hardware …

This is undoubtedly one of the first Peugeot P & L engine probably around 1898.

A press article of the time describes him prancing at the wheel of his Peugeot steam tricycle in the streets of Luc-sur-Mer.

Emile Berjot, Emile, the youngest, great-grandfather of Mr Cluzet returns to the merchant marine as pilot (second in command) in 1872, then as captain (he is appointed captain in the long course in 1878) aboard the liner Orénoque maritime couriers.

Ce paquebot mis en service en 1875 navigua pendant près de 50 ans, en méditérannée, en indochine, sur les lignes avec l’Amérique du sud, l’Afrique, avant d’être vendu pour démolition à Saigon en 1920

The father of Albert and Emile, Frédéric was the first photographer Caennais, founder of the Norman Society of Photography. Friend of Edmond Bacot (first professional photographer Caen) he teaches the art and technique of photography to Victor Hugo and his son Charles.

Emile Berjot, therefore, could only be passionate about photography. Marin he will photograph the maritime environment that he rubs every day (boats, passengers, ports etc). We owe him the first shots of Rio de Janeiro in the years 1880-1890

Une vue de Rio de Janeiro en 1895

And the car in all this? And here they are, the two brothers in their Panhard-powered Peugeot, probably at Luc-Sur-Mer in 1898

Emile gets married on January 8, 1896 with Françoise Germaine Gaume in St Honoré d’Eylau church in Paris
We see him here at the wheel of his Peugeot probably with family

Years later we find him a passenger of his torpedo Peugeot. He left behind the wheel to his friend Mr Payen, at whom the shot was taken in 1913 in the alleys of the castle of Perron in Danvou (14). Behind his great-grandfather Emile, his wife and Mrs. Payen behind her husband. In the center, his grandfather Jacques Berjot (13 years old).

Finally last document older representing Emile Berjot the great grandfather of Mr Cluzet, driving his Peugeot always in front of the entrance of the castle of Perron.

A big thank you to Mr Cluzet who kindly sent us these documents which allowed us to discover characters probably atypical and truculent in their time …

A valveless in the north

Mr. Challine sent us this photo of his grandfather’s Panhard taken in October 1939. It is his aunt who poses in the photo. The license plate tells us about the department, here the Seine and according to the research of our friend Vincent it would have been registered in September 1933.

Anyway a nice picture …

A truly family-friendly Dynamic …

Mr Effler kindly shared his memories of this superb 1939 Dynamic bought by his grandfather in 1946 …
The cousins ​​of Jacques Effler, Michelle and Alain, look very small next to the glowing mastodon …

1947 Champagney - Panhard Dynamic de 1939 ayant appartenu à M Henri ROTH 001

To learn more about this saga take the time to read Mr. Effler’s text and let yourself be transported in the years after the war …

Lire les souvenirs de Mr Effler

A X72 in Corsica

Regis sent us this photo of his vehicle that the family of the former owner had kindly communicated to him.
You can find his car now restored in the list of members.
The picture was taken in Zevaco in southern Corsica in the 30’s.

Winter 1932

Our friend Roland sent us two documents:

A pretty limousine 6 CS or 6 DS having belonged to the family BOOS-PETITFRERE-DELANNAY family of industrial spinning in Crousilles and Proisy. The number corresponds to the Seine and Oise


Postcard of a car of recovery of the factory in bodywork limousine, conduct inside 7 place, 20cv and undoubtedly a 6DS.


Winter 1928

Mr Memponte kindly sent us these family photos. For the first, this is a Panhard limo & amp; Levassor, 6 Cyl bought new by his grandfather in 1927. The picture is taken at the neck of the sickle during a break. No snow, but probably a bit chilly … Mr Memponte’s grandfather’s father is on the right and he is the one who takes his friends in pictures.
col de la faucille 1928 Panhard Levassor limousine SS 3l E. Memponte

The second on a snowy road. No chains at the time for the 17 CV PL. We see the father of Mr Memponte and his mother behind in an outfit hardly adapted to the weather conditions it seems …

dans la neige

The third probably represents a roadster in a passage for the least difficult …

Panhard Levassor 1924 torpédo

Luton (Maidlands, UK ) 1910

Our friend Neil Burdock sent us this magnificent photograph of the beginning of the previous century. There are four P & L and a Renault on the right. The license plates are well English and the handwritten inscriptions tell us about the different models. Thanks again to Neil for this beautiful document.
From Kim Henson Len Hamlin's cars LOW RES 1