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Animation: Cristophe Blaue

The technical archives concerning the pre-war PLs are unfortunately rare, however some documents have reached us, they are at your disposal on this page.

Of course if you have any technical documentation, do not hesitate to let us know and make the other members benefit from it.


10 CV Driving Manual ( Philippe Bastid )

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A little reminder about the operation of the engine without valve as we explain this article from La Vie de L’Auto:

New !

Notes on the rods of 6 CS by Vincent Bouchard

bielles PANHARD Panoramique 1934

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Greasing instructions 6 CS

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Driving and car maintenance 12/14 HP, 6 Cylinders

Conseil 12-14 chevaux

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Description of X 80 Dynamic models


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Description of X 96 Dynamic models


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Dynamic electrical diagram

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Pre-war tire dimensions, Vincent Bouchard



The without-valve: functioning

maquette moteur SS
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Dynamic disassembly / reassembly

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Document provided by Mathieu Cognet


Dynastar removal of an X72 – 73

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By Gérard Nayme


Electrical diagram 6 CS


Warning This diagram contains an error. The stop control circuit is reversed with that of the pilot lights. The engineers of P & L for once were caught …

Note also that the upper triangular fire of the left wing is not connected, error or that was not intended to be connected ?

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Our friend Christoph Blaue realized a high quality color scheme and took the opportunity to correct the error of the original scheme. We are far from the clutter of threads that the engineers of P & L had realized in the thirties. Download without moderation …



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Electrical diagram 6 CS ( detail of the central dashboard case )

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Diagram Dynastar connection on X72



Description of Damper-dynastar on X 72

Descriptif damper-Dynastar ( Gérard Naymes )




6 CS Service Manual

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Service Manual CSRLN ( other version )

PL scan 13

PL scan 6DS


Study of AV brakes on 6CS( Guy Poulain )

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Maintenance manual for the Dynamic 130 and 140

Livret entretien Dynamic 130 et 140


Catalog and rates Dynamic (3 pages, advertising)

Rates Dynamic1936

Rates Dynamic1937

Body dynamic


Maintenance manual for the Dynamic 130 and 140 (Guy Poulain)

Scan N° 1: Download the file

Scan N°2: Download the file

Désignation des roulements à billes

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Test on the bearings of executive box (Vincent Bouchard)

Steering box 6 CS: Download the document


Half cutter front and rear 6CS

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Train AV: Télécharger le document

Mounting the AV Bearing on X 72 (By Vincent Bouchard)

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