General Assembly 2017

Version anglaise, Neil Burdock

Report of the AGM of the Doyennes of P&L, 10 February 2017, Paris

In the preamble to the general meeting, each member present was asked to attend promptly.
This created a climate of conviviality that continued throughout the evening.

Arnaud BLANC,our President, opened the meeting at 7.15 pm. After welcoming the members
present, he announced that the Club has 85 members as at 31 December 2016.


He welcomed Gerard Nayme, voted onto the administration of the club with
responsibility for Spare Parts. He replaces Matthieu COGNET, who now has taken on the role of organizing fairs and exhibitions.
According to the statutes of our association, elections are on even numbered years with possible changes in the intervening

2016 Review

A year marked by our first participation at the Rétromobile fair, which was considered a very positive success,
even if hard work to organize, but generating many contacts. The X19 1918 by Arnaud
BLANC was exhibited on our stand.

Our AGM was traditionally held on this occasion on Friday, February 5th.
In early October, the 125 years of Panhard & Levassor celebrated in Compiègne had a very good
representation of pre-war vehicles with much appreciated participation of several
members including, Germans, Belgians and Dutch.
The following week, the always sympathetic Automédon fair, illustrated once again the
continuity of the history of the marque, where our Club was situated opposite the Club Panhard & Levassor
La France. We exhibited the English cart M2F 1897 owned by Robert PANHARD.

Finally in November, the Epoq’Auto in Lyon was also marked by the first
participation of our Club. It was a great success that attracted a large audience with thanks to the
efforts and involvement of our regional organizations. The Dynamic X77 1936 owned by Jean-Louis GERAUD
created a sensation!


Gilles VAYRE announced that the site receives about 1000 visits per month, a very satisfactory number of visitors.
He announced that for 2017 it would be available in French and that an English version
is planned, to satisfy our many foreign visitors.

Bulletin n ° 37

On the occasion of the celebration of 125 years of the marque, Bulletin No. 37 was exceptional as it included Bernard VERMEYLEN’s
brochure with more than 300 pre war Panhard pictures, which was sent to all the members of our club.These came from his remarkable published
latest work “Panhard et Levassor, Pioneer of the Automobile Industry”.

Retromobile 2017

Matthieu COGNET presented a provisional report of the Show.: many visitors, with
great interest for our marque and some memberships. He noted that it was important to be present
at a large-scale event.

Parts and rebuilds

Gérard NAYME, our new manager of this important mission, gave an overview of
numerous refabrications launched during the past year. He recalled that a sign
displayed on the stand at Rétromobile illustrated this range of parts. The surrounding rubbers
Panoramic and Dynamic rear panels will soon be available.
Gilles VAYRE intervened to confirm he is putting into manufacture by a specialized company for
200 meters of fabric intended for Panoramic and Dynamic models, strictly identical in appearance to that
Of origin. Approximately 20 meters are needed per vehicle and a dozen or so cars
Will be able to benefit from a new interior following the subscription launched by the club.
General congratulations of the participants for the strong involvement of our new manager
Gérard NAYME. Arnaud BLANC pointed out that the Club still has a few enamel badges to affix to the radiator grill,
offered at the price of 30 €.


According to Arnaud BLANC, there are currently more than 760 Panhard & Levassor vehicles
of all types, and in all states, which are recorded throughout the world. Many
cars, identified in the registers and lost sight of for many years,
reappear from time to time.

Approval of the 2016 report

He then asked the members present to take a vote on the report for
2016, which were approved unanimously.

Financial Report 2016

The operating account and the balance sheet have been prepared by Marie-Andrée DE TREMIOLLES.
Unfortunately she was not available for the general assembly and so Arnaud BLANC stood in for her.

Expenditures were larger than usual in 2016 with two new Retromobile salons, very expensive, and also Epoqu’Auto. The management have
since seen that a certain number of pre entrance tickets that we could have sold
before the show, would have thus reduced our expenses. It will be a basis of progress for our future

A major financial effort has also been made to rebuild parts. In principle
the subscription involves a return on investment, but this return necessarily comes with a certain delay,
Which explains this expenditure over 2016 which should be
offset in the future.
However, the financial situation of the club is in good order and the accounts were
unanimously approved by the members present.

Upcoming events in 2017

Panhard & Levassor International Gathering 2017: It will take place in
Bamberg, from 2 to 5 June. Christophe BLAU presented the project of this event:

2017 Clubs Association Rally

The Hotchkiss club have decided in association with Lorraine Dietrich to be responsible for this years
organization of the rally. It will take place in Lorraine (of course!), From 21 to 24 September and
Registration forms have been distributed.

The Automotive Trade Shows are on (October 7th and 8th) and Epoq’Auto (November 10th to 12th). Given
The enthusiasm aroused by these shows, the Club will be present again in 2017 on these two events.

Activities beyond

Salon Rétromobile (7 to 11 February 2018): Although expensive and hard to organize, this fair is
unavoidable. It is also a unique opportunity to meet many of our
Foreign associates, with luck we will be back in 2018.

Epoq’Auto 2018: Arnaud BLANC then put forward a project of magnitude to present
25 cars, representative of the marques history, at the Epoq’Auto in 2018. For this, the
Organizers of the show were approached and could provide us with a vast
podium, as was the case in 2016 with the Delahaye marque. This project must be done with ALL the associated
clubs through the Federation of Panhard & Levassor, which we
are part of it. The Mulhouse Museum was also contacted and was enthusiastic.

Our general assembly therefore validated the principle of our participation in this beautiful project.

Note after our AGM: the AGM of the Federation of Clubs PL was held the day after ours and they
approved the project. The Federation, with our active support, will submit it to the
Organizers of the Epoqu’Auto fair for 2018.

2018 Clubs Association Rally
Each club takes it in turn to organizes the Rally role. After our organization in 2008, our turn was to return in 2019. The withdrawal of the Club Hotchkiss has changed things and it will be up to us to organize it in 2018.

An elitist drift has been clearly seen for several years in this association, which
probably explains the disaffection and disinterest shown by many of our members
for this beautiful rally, probably one of the most beautiful in the world. The frequent use of
professional organizers also helped to distort the spirit of this rally.

In the event that we organize the 2018 rally, Denis BEAUDOIN will do the groundwork.
He has made some contacts in Anjou, near the Abbey of
Fontevreau, where the first rally of the club took place, a rally that had even
triggered the creation of the club. But for this, Denis made clear that a team
should be established.

Denis could not be present at our AGM, so Arnaud BLANC presented the project and the stakes
Of our remaining in the association.

The subject was put to the vote: a significant proportion of our members abstained. With regard to the constitution
Of an organizing team, it was with great satisfaction that we saw three hands
raised quickly!

A big thanks to Laurent BEDENNE, Stéphane LE MINIER and Patrick QUEHIN who will
join Denis BEAUDOUIN. Of course, the office will also provide assistance, as well as
All good wishes …

The elitist drift observed (not only on our part) is undoubtedly to be linked
With significant abstention. Each club being totally free to organize a quality
rally, it will be an opportunity for us to show that it is possible to propose a rally of
High-end, with a good frame of mind and within a reasonable budget.

Note after our AGM: the AGM of the association of the PL marque clubs was also held on
the day after our AGM. We expressed our concern about the elitist drift which
translated into high abstention at our AGM. However, to the extent that a
Club must be totally free with its choices, we have stated that we will be in
2018, but that it would be in our own way, that is to say without any recourse to interveners
With a crew limited to 50 and a reduced budget. All Club’s
representatives welcomed our announcement although several representatives had reservations.

Re-Manufacturing Projects

Gérard NAYME listed the projects of parts to be launched in 2017. They concern
Mainly 6 CS models, but also the silent-blocks and door gaskets for the
Dynamic. Also referred to are the remanufactured parts of carburetors and parts. It is well known that
Zamak metal is a victim of disintegration. In view of the financial resources of the Club, the principle
of preferential use of the subscription for these refabrications will be used.

Restoration of the Dynamic X76 coupé (sale “Baillon”)

Bernard VERMEYLEN gave an update on this restoration under the auspices of the Museum
Mulhouse. The estimated cost is rising and we are only at the stage of the tenders
for the various participants in this restoration, which must nevertheless constitute an
example of partnership with representatives of the marque. We can expect
reciprocal advantages in the project of refabrication of the parts required by this site.
Bernard recalled that the car was exhibited, partially dismantled, at Retromobile and that the
project received the Grand Prix Motul – Fondation du Patrimoine.

Update on the future of the bulletin

Jean-Hervé REUL informed the participants of the need for him
to reluctantly interrupt his contribution to the newsletter. This was made by Decision essentially
motivated by strong personal constraints related to a change of residence in progress.
This resignation is also the consequence of the persistent lack of material input, facing a website
on the contrary very dynamic and reactive.
It proposes a reflection on a new approach to the newsletter, more complementary to the website,
and by contrast, the subjects dealt with would be long-term. An article to introduce and
summarize this proposal, will hope to arouse our members to write on their themes and experiences.


Contributions are the sole source of funding for our association.
A contribution minus € 25 for young people under the age of 25 was proposed
Which is practiced in certain clubs (Bugatti for example). The principle was adopted unanimously, with
immediate application to 2017.
It was proposed to increase from 45 €, unchanged for 13 years, to 50 € the contribution as of 2018. This increase is justified by the need for
the cost of exhibitions and the possibility of managing a one-time event such as
a rally. The vote was also unanimous on this point.

Divers questions

In the absence of any other business, the meeting rose at 8.45 pm

Arnaud BLANC mentioned that Bernard VERMEYLEN was awarded the Bellecour Prize,
launching the most beautiful automobile book of the year, on the occasion of the publication of its
Panhard & Levassor, a Pioneer in the Automotive iIndustry “. This distinction
was strongly applauded by all members.

Conversations continued during the aperitif and evening meal that the President invited
the participants.

Report by Jean Hervé reul
English version by Neil Burdock

Compte rendu de l’AG de la Fédération des Clubs Panhard 11 fevrier 2017, Paris

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