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Biography of Arthur Constantin Krebs …

Born in 1850, Arthur Krebs designed his first car in 1868 at the age of 18. His passion for locomotion will lead him inexorably – via electricity – to his decisive meeting on September 3, 1896, with Emile Levassor, the most famous oil-car manufacturer of the time.

Yet the circumstances of the war of 1870 make him a soldier, but a military particularly atypical.

Krebs wants to be a scientist first and his many communications at the Academy of Sciences have no other purpose than to submit the result of his work to his peers.
On September 3, 1896 it is as “distinguished inventor” that the commander Arthur Krebs, 46 years old, Major-engineer to the firefighters of Paris, well protected by his patent n ° 256344 of electric clutch, presents himself in dress of city in the courtyard of the famous factory on the handlebars of his car in front of Mr. Emile Levassor, 53, the master of the place.
Between the visionary industrialist and the military inventor, also cold but passionate about technique, the current goes so well that they agree immediately on an exclusive license fee for the patent.

Less than a year later, on Wednesday, April 14, 1897, Émile Levassor collapsed on his drawing board while working on plans for Krebs’ magnetic clutch. This loss leaves René Panhard in a deep state of disarray; he then transforms his association into a public limited company and asks Arthur Krebs to take the technical direction of Maison Panhard & amp; Levassor.

Upon his arrival the successor of Levassor’s mission is to move to the industrial dimension by doubling production. Also the transition between the old and the new director was tough for all staff. If the military page of Krebs is definitely turned, he will however use his past membership in the army to Panhard & amp; Levassor one of its suppliers, in the fields of air motoring with airship engines, marine with submarine engines and land with the Genty arming machine and the artillery tractor Châtillon-Panhard.

Arthur Krebs will always maintain privileged relations with René Panhard. He retired in 1916 and died on March 22, 1935.

Arthur Constantin Krebs (1850-1935)

Ses Inventions:

  • Winch with two parallel drums, </ li>
  • The electric dynamometric brake, </ li>
  • The electric gyro, </ li>
  • The multiple disk clutch, </ li>
  • The elastic coupling (Flector), precursor of the homokinetic joint, </ li>
  • The membrane carburettor (original publication) </ li>

Philippe Krebs, descendant of Arthur Constantin krebs has created a magnificent site where everything is said about this extraordinary character who enters the very closed category of the pioneer of the automobile …

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