The Panhard & Levassor club is naturally a member of the Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Epoque, The must-see site for old car enthusiasts!

Panhard & Levassor websites

One of the most emblematic Panhard & Levassor of before 1940 is probably the S series (6CS, 6DS and 8DS), and more particularly the “Panoramique”, produced from 1934 to 1938: Panhard Panoramique

The majority of the clubs dedicated to the brand are grouped within the Fédération des Clubs Panhard & Levassor, intended by Jean Panhard.

In France, several clubs gather Panhard fans “after the war”, in particular the Dynamic Club Panhard & Levassor

and the  Club Panhard & Levassor France


The brand is also well represented:

Related to the brand

Very nice english website brassera dealing with the origins of the automobile; The panhard brand is very well mentioned in a serious way

Arthur Constantin Krebs,Website dedicated to the general manager of SAAE Panhard & Levassor from 1897 to 1916.
From 1924, Delaugère and Clayette, based in Orléans, became the supplier of the Panhard & Levassor. Check out Delaugère et Clayette Club

delaugere 3

On the sidelines of Panhard & Levassor, we must not forget Clément Panhard, who produced small single-cylinder cars from 1898 to 1903, designed by Panhard & Levassor’s design offices.

Clement Panhard on the Web Is the reference site on this subject.

And let’s not forget the Wikipedia pages dedicated to the oldest brand Wikipedia

This one specially dedicated to the Dynamic:Panhard & Levassor Dynamic

Sites of “Brand Clubs”

The Bugatti brand is a real myth!Le CLUB BUGATTIIt perpetuates its spirit. LOGO0

Les Amis de Delage Since 1956 it has brought together all lovers of the Delage automobiles around the world.


One of the goals of Club Delahaye is to promote the most respectful restoration of the origin of all types of vehicles built by the brand.


L’Amicale Facel-Vega brings together the owners and admirers of the cars built by Jean Daninos


The main mission of the club Club Hotchkiss is to promote the Hotchkiss brand, to collect as much historical information as possible, and to gather ever-larger technical documentation.


TheAmicale Salmson : More than 356 Salmson cars across France and the world.


The Club Talbot Was created in 1983 by a handful of enthusiasts of the brand.


Gabriel Voisin was a follower of the motor without a valve, as at Panhard & amp; Levassor. Les amis de Gabriel Voisin gather these amateurs of automobiles out of norms..


Another site devoted to automobiles Voisin: Automobiles Voisin

Museums with Doyennes

The Musée National de la Voiture in Compiègne (Oise, France) mvt_phaeton_panhard_et_levassor

The Cité de l’Automobile de Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin, France) DSC00100

The Musée Henri Malartre in Rochetaillée (Rhône, France)


The Musée Auto de Vendée in Talmont Saint Hilaire (Vendée, France)


Le Musée des blindés de Saumur à Saumur (Maine et Loire, France)

belgicaAutoworld in  Brussels (Belgium)


netc1The Nationaal Automobiel Museum, Louwman Collection in Raamsdonksveer (Holland). logo-louwmanmuseum PANHARD et LEVASSOR - PHAETON WITH CANOPY - 1895

the Museo dell’Automobile of Turin


jacp1The, in Nagakute-cho, Aichi (Japan) logo

usathe Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, in Tampa (Florida, USA)

the Lane Motor Museum, in Nashville (Tennessee, USA). panhard_levassor_x74_1927_web1_f938c6519fe46bf736d8cc86b81d1f46usa

The The revs institute for automotive research, in Naples (Floride, USA) Panhard-Lavoisier-front-3-4-435x290usa

The Olws Head Transportation Museum, in Olws Head ( Maine, USA)05panhard__medium

usaThe Mullin Automotive Museum ( California ) USA


uck1[1] Le Norfolk Museum ( Norflok, UK )

P&L Norfolk museum

Forums, Galleries, Events and personal sites

Panhard’s forum . We have a section reserved for the doyennes

Gilles shares the restoration of his 6CS X72 Panoramic of 1934 on the forum machinings: forum Usinages

Photo galleries of Matthieu and Marie-Claude, members of the Doyennes

La page du Tchouk, site personnel d’Arnaud, membre des Doyennes.

uck1[1]Voitures d’ingénieur, le site d’Alain Cerf

uk2s Interesting website :

Every year The Royal Automobile Club along with their title partners Bonhams and organisers Goose Communications organise a run for vehicles built before 1905. The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain only check the dates of the vehicles. All the information on the run can be found on the websites below :

Veteran Car Club of Great-Britain

Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran car Run 2016

See the edition of 2014 of the Panhard club GB


An impressive collection of photos showing the entire PL range.

A friendly Australian club lovers of old …


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