Here are the refabrications of parts for our Panhard & Levassor.
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The prices communicated are those reserved for members who are up to date with their membership fees; Contact us for non-members.

Projet exhausteur

Kirill Rodionov our friend and member in Russia, made 3Da file allowing the realization of the exhaust manifold which equips the 6 CS.
The project is being studied for the realization and the choice of the material.
A subscription will be launched for the club for those who might be interested

Intake pipe

Nylon-glass intake pipe redone in 3 D printing.
130 grams instead of 1.8 kg at the end of the carburettors of the 6 CSs. The important overhang, the vibrations and shaking often cause the rupture of the bolts of fixing of the pipe and the tearing of the zamak of the carburettors.

The original cast iron

Nylon-glass reproduction:

3D printed objects with 3200 Glass-Filled Nylon are made from a blend of polyamide powder and glass beads. The surface of the material is white and slightly granular. The 3200 Glass Loaded Nylon is an excellent material for technical parts that require strength and ability to hold applied forces.

Indicative price: € 252
The realization of this model was executed by the company Sculptéo
For any information contact our friend Gérard Nayme.

A good adress

The Delambre workshop in St Marcel is able to rebuilt the gearboxes for our 6CS.
They can completely redo, axles, springs, gears, balls, correction of the cames, the gears being identical, thanks to the digitization.

Aurélien Delambre: 06 86 77 49 26
Saint Marcel 71380 ( Saône et Loire )

Many remanufactured parts are subject to subscription. If the quotas are not reached the coins can be made, but the price is no longer confirmed ..


Dress yourself Panhard!


Order now your shirt with the badge of the Doyennes!


This is a polo shirt “LACOSTE” 100% cotton with heart embroidery.
Weight: 220g / m
White color
Band of cleanliness (neck)
Price: 30 € (free shipping for members, non members: + 5 €)

See below characteristics:

Send your payment to the Doyennes

Specify the number of shirts you want and the sizes (M – L – XL – XXL)

Refabrication box spanner for 6 CS

Some available; Identical to the origin
50 € (postage not included)
Contact Gilles (menu “contact”) EPUISE

Refabrication of thermal gasket for Dynamic and 6 CS

These catches are indispensable; To be inserted between the engine block and the carburettors (30 AHD in zamac)
Dimensions 98 x 62, thickness 4 mm
Material: Pamitherm

20 € the pair, shipping costs not included.

Refabrication hand crank for 6 CS

Refabrication of the original crank, handle
On demand.
Attention there have been two models. It crosses the bumper and is longer.
Contact Gilles via the “contact” menu

Refabrication plate “F” for 6 CS and Dynamic

ABS reproduction of the “F”. Translucent

10 € for members – 15 € non members

Contact Gilles (menu “contact”)


Refabrication bumper seal for 6 CS



Rubber seal identical to the origin. Allow between 4 and 5 meters for a car.
Sold by the meter: 30 € / m + shipping: Contact Gérard Nayme (see menu contact)

To order: download the registration form below and send it with the regulations to the P & L Doyennes
Payment can be made by check or by paypal specifying the purpose of the payment (

Télécharger le bon de souscription pare-choc

Refabrication of the radiator cap X72

Price 40 € (indicative price for members)
The fingerprints containing the red inserts are to be done later.
For any order, please contact Gérard Nayme (contact details on the “contact” page)

Subscription for the refabrication of the steering column bearing rubber, 6CS


Télécharger le bon de souscription

Subscription for the re-manufacture of windshield opening 6CS


Télécharger le bon de sousscription

Subscription for the remaking of BV Panoramic and Dynamic exit seal


Download the subscription form

Subscription for the re-manufacture of steering column bearing, Panoramic and Dynamic silent-bloc


Download the subscription form

Subscription for the remaking of Panoramic and Dynamic rear number plate seals


Subscription to print, fill out and send with the regulation

IBAN et BIC du club pour virement bancaire

Subscription for the remaking of Panoramic and Dynamic fabrics

UA subscription for the reproduction of the beige criss-cross fabric of the Panoramic and Dynamic models is launched. It is a fabric that faithfully reproduces the pattern in its dimensions and its relief, as well as the color, and it would be very close to the composition and weight / m² of the original.
It is embossed herringbone pattern. The hue is beige brown (see sample photo)

Characteristics of the proposed fabric:
* Composition: 90% wool 10% polyamide (100% wool originally).
* Weight / m²: 400/410 grs (410 grs originally).
* Width: 140 cm.
* Anti-Mite Treaty.

Price excl. VAT, ex works:
* 50/55 meters: 45.95 € / meter.
* 100 meters: 41,00 € / meter.

Original fabrics provided by one of the members owning a 6 CS

tissus 6CS 1935

This fabric is manufactured by the company Moulin Gau located in the Tarn and specialized in the manufacture of fabrics, both for large companies and for vintage car clubs.
Original fabrics provided by one of the members with a 6 CS



Enamelled badges

Ø 10 cm. Can be attached to the grille or over the bumper with two rear mounting bolts at the rear

Some copies available

Price for members: 30 €

To order, contact Gérard Nayme (contact details in the “Contact” menu)



Copper exhaust manifold gasket, same as the original for 6 CS


30 € for 6 seals, contact Gérard Nayme or Gilles Vayre (see contact details on the “Contact” menu)

Exhaust outlet gasket (metalloplastic) for 6 CS

8 € the seal, contact Gérard Nayme or Gilles Vayre (see contact details on the “Contact” menu)

Air filter for 6 CS


Possibility to order the filter from the company jrfilter specifying the reference (out of catalog: R 85125)
Price 58 € in 2016

Contact Jrfilter



Wheel cover gaskets for X72, X73

Very often cooked and cracked, they can easily be replaced by Nitryle seals, sold by resellers of rubber products, otherwise contact Gilles Vayre (contact details in the “Contacts” menu)

Various refabrications for X72, Dynamic, etc …

(bronze carburetor parts, sliding jackets, pistons, etc.)
Ability to fully restore your sleeve valve engine
PL 151

Contact: Eberhard Moldenhauer:

Refabrication of interior handles for Dynamic

Very nice refabrications. Inner door handle: 86 € each. Window crank: 78 € each.
Jean-Louis Geraud – Tel .: 04 74 85 59 59/06 08 88 24 77

Refabrication of copper cylinder head gaskets for X72, Ø 80 mm

13092706211412334311588407 culasses

Some available

30 € for 6 by waterjet cut
Contact Gérard Nayme or the club via the site.


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