Hippolyte Panhard

Hyppolyte Panhard’s biography


Born in 1870 and son of René Panhard, Hppolite was very early one of the first automobile drivers.
Emile Levassor took him under his wing and thus:
He had accompanied him in the first Paris Etretat raid on July 31, 1890.
Then he participates at the Paris-Nice in March 1893 on his own car. It is this type of car that will be ordered in three copies by the Grand Duke Michael of Russia. They will be delivered in October 1893 to the imperial palace of Tsarskoye Selo (literally residence of the tsars), now called Pushkin (in reference to the great Russian poet).

In 1894 he took part in the competition (which was not a race) Paris-Rouen where Panhard obtained with Peugeot (motorized by Panhard) the first prize. It crosses the fourth line which allows the company Panhard to share the first prize (5000 francs) with the company Peugeot brothers.

He then participated in the first race in the world Paris-Bordeaux-Paris in June 1895 and arrived in an honorable rank, his car being a heavy limousine.
Between November 24 and November 30, 1893, Hippolyte obtains his titles of authorization of circulation in the capital.

Hippolyte was mobilized in 1914-15 until 1918. He then asked his brother Paul, younger than him and not having as many children as him, to ensure the general direction of the company. Hippolyte retained the presidency until 1940.

Previously in 1907 (?), He created a second factory in Reims.
Only son of René Panhard, he became very involved in the first exploits of the oldest firm and passed on to his cousin Paul the presidency in 1940.

He was also Mayor of Thiais (Val de Marne) Knight of the Legion of Honor, Military Medalist and Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great for creating charitable works and financed the construction of the Holy Church Hippolyte in the 13th arrondissement as also the carmel of Montmartre!

Hyppolite Panhard died in 1957