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Citroscopie No 61 sept-oct 2017

In the last No of Citroscopie, Benoit Perot wrote an article on the second prototype of the mark.

General Meeting of the Dynamic Club Panhard & amp; Levassor

In the magnificent setting of the Château de Sandaucourt, some of the deans had made the trip.

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Our friend Jean-Jacques Aucher honored on La Vie de l’Auto September 2017

The number 1785 of LVA honored a member of the Deans. Indeed in the series family album, an insert is dedicated to Jean-Jacques Aucher members of the Deans under the title “From one Panhard to the other”

It is a question of the roadpipe of his great-grandfather whose exact type is sought to know. Our friend Jean-Jacques is also pictured next to his superb skiff Panhard X 36 of 1922

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Open Day at the Panhard defense factory

Gérard Nayme and some friends were able to go to an open house at the end of June 2017 at the Panhard factory in St Germain Laval a few weeks ago.
It was an opportunity to visit this site, rarely open to visitors, in a small sympathetic procession which included, besides the X 72 of Gérard, a Dyna X, a Junior, two PL 17 and a very rare 1897 wagonette equipped with the engine M2F

It’s still Panhard material, but 120 years separate these two mechanics !

A sympathetic buffet had completed this day of discovery and the participants warmly thanked Mr. Jammes Director of Panhard Défense who had embellished this visit of his person. A warm welcome and a good atmosphere made the success of this day, thank you again to the management of the factory for having opened the doors of the workshops.

Pre-War Tour at St Jean Bonnefond

A nice exit was held at the beginning of May at St Jean Bonnefond where beautiful pre-war cars had gathered under a radiant sun;
Our friend Guy Camus was on the party with his splendid Dynamic of 19

A beautiful  Rochet-Schneider

Bernard Vermaylen honored on La Vie de L’Auto

The Bellecour Academy, which annually recognizes the best work on the automobile, awarded its 2017 prize to our friend and archivist of the club, Bernard Vermeylen.
The book he wrote in collaboration with Philippe Krebs “Panhard Levassor pioneer of the automotive industry” deserves this prestigious award.

The Vintage Sport Cars club in Australia honors the P & L


The cover of the VSCC Australian club newsletter no. 4 shows a magnificent P & L taken in the 1920s. In the magazine, we will see the car of our member Colin Kiel honored for the Kalorama rally which brought together more than 300 vehicles …


Visualisez le bulletin / See the magasine

40 Panhard in Dijon !

Our friend and office member Mathieu Cognet, kindly lent his cars to Auto Moto Retro Dijon from 31 March to 02 April. Thus, in the early morning, a few Panhards of all ages arrived at the Dijon exhibition center.
In the video below, Mathieu answers questions from journalists.


The PANHARD collection arrives in DIJON par vision2000production


See the full content of the Panhard exhibition

Two Panhard in Australia

Our two sympathetic members, John Flemming (X 45) and Colin Kiel (X 46), recently attended a vintage car show near Melbourne. A hundred vehicles were assembled including trucks, cars, motorcycles and stationary steam engines.
It was the first time that our two Australian Panhards were side by side for the pleasure of the visitors not accustomed to see cars of the dean mark.
Congratulations to our two friends, waiting to be joined by Roger Savage who restores an X 72 …



Avignon Motor Festival, Les Doyennes were there …

On 24th, 25th and 26th of March, the traditional Motor Festival was held in Avignon, where passengers of ancient mechanics and locomotion gathered every year. Indeed there are for all tastes: luxury cars or popular, military vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, miniatures, not to mention the stock exchange and an auction on Sunday.


A beautiful lineup of Juvaquatre !

Despite a sullen weather, the exchange has kept its promises

A Hispano-Suiza auction that has little airs of panning.

Being beautiful like a truck, that’s it …

If the Deans did not have a stand, it was an opportunity for the “Southern” members (but not that!) To meet and for some to meet for the first time.
Alfred Morenas and Gilbert Blossin members of the Deans recently had come to neighbors. It was an opportunity to meet Gérard Nayme, who had come from Saint-Etienne with other panhardists, and Gilles Vayre from Narbonne.
We also met Stéphane Leminier, who was also a member of the deans and animated the Peugeot 604 booth.

The meal was taken together in the van of Gilbert, in a good atmosphere that the weather fails to start …

Rendez-vous was taken for next year hoping that other members will join this friendly team …

Grand Prix Motul – Foundation of the Patromoine for the Dynamic Coupe Junior de Mulhouse

Published in the latest The Life of the Auto, an article that informs us that the Dynamic coupé junior (ex Baillon collection) and currently being restored by the Museum of Automobile of Mulhouse, received the Auto Motul Foundation Award Of the 2017 heritage at the last retromobile show.

Grand Prix Motul – Foundation of the Patromoine for the Dynamic Coupe Junior de Mulhouse

The Dynamic coupé X 77 of the Mulhouse Museum honored at RETROMOBILE

Follow the chaotic and exciting adventure of this rare cut by reading the article published in the daily newspaper L’Alsace on 13/02/2017



Site Attendance January 2017


703 people visited our site last month, an increase of 20% compared to the previous months.
It should be noted that among the countries that attract the most visitors are after France, Russia, USA and Belgium.

The Doyennes at retromobile , February 2017



The Doyennes’ stand with the P & L of 1897 kindly loaned by Robert Panhard
Gérard Nayme had made a painting exposing the pieces that the club will make to remake.

Mathieu and Jean-Louis, the Vosges team who hosted the stand for several days.

We had during the fair many visitors as well as members of the club came to visit the team. It was also the occasion to register several memberships to the club.
A very rich salon this year and the booth of the Deans was at times literally assailed by the visi

17th Winter Crossing of Paris

On January 8th, more than 700 vehicles of all types gathered for a crossing of Paris. This year, the “seventies” were in the spotlight.


Many bikes and motorcycles were also part of the party …

Watch the video of the crossing of Paris, click here.

Classics swarm into French capital for Vincennes rendez-vous

More than 700 classics of all varieties converged on Paris for the 17th running of La Traversée on 8 January. Everything from bikes, mopeds and motorcycles via cars and tractors to vintage lorries and coaches gathered at the magnificent Château de Vincennes royal fortress to the east of the city in time for an 8am start.

Arnaud Blanc our president was there with his beautiful Dynamic

Have a look on the article of Classic & sport car, all the information here !

PANHARD & LEVASSOR at auction on 09 February 2017 at the Grand Palais in Paris

The Panhard & Levassor ex Jean-Pierre Guihery The Rolland will go on sale February 9, 2017 at the Grand Palais by Bonhams.
All information here

LONDON – BRIGHTON 2016, Les Panhard & Levassor honored !

unnamedThe magazine “La Vie de L’Auto” has devoted a beautiful article following the last London-Brighton and a Panhard of 1903 shares the two pages in the company of other ancestors.

It is Jim Smither driving the 1903 2 cylinder owned by Thomas Black.


The journalist also took note of this magnificent ancestor of 1897, one of the oldest having participated in the race. It is driven by Roy Tubby.

The Panhard & Levassor distinguished themselves at the awards ceremony!

Contest of elegance rewarding the best composition at the bodywork, painting and interior, 1st prize:
Dick Sheppard with his Panahrd & levassor of 1901



Contest of the “Historic Veteran Car Award” which rewards the vehicle with an atypical or known history:
1st prize:
Robert Kaufman from the USA


LONDON – BRIGHTON 2016, 26 crews P & L!


London – Brighton is THE most incredible car run! Imagine, more than 400 veteran cars, the most recent date of 1904! Coming from all corners of the globe, these vehicles competed in a real run where the average speed is around 20 mp/h

The first Brighton Run was held in 1896 to celebrate the Locomotives on the Highway Act. Today generally only cars built before January 1, 1905 are eligible to take part in the annual run.

This year no less than 26 Panhard & Levassor had taken the start of which the car bib 81 of, Tim Summers, member of the deans, who unfortunately following a mechanical trouble could not finish the run.


One could note the presence of magnificent ancestors like that of Roy Tubby on his Phaeton of 1897
Also Allan Gibbins on his barrel of 1899
Or the Robert Abrey wagonette of 1899

Tonneau 1901

Tim Dickson’s Tonneau 1902
This mythical run was the occasion to see practically all the automobile production of the beginning of XX century.
We did not count the De Dion Bouton, Brasier, Renault, Peugeot and other Darracq throughout the course, in short a unique event for unique cars ..


London-Brighton 2016, see the video

Panhard & Levassor Pionnier de l’industrie automobile



Presented in a beautiful box, this volume will become a reference on
the subject, both by the quality of his illustrations than text signed by one of the best
brand specialists.
Bernard Vermeylen is interested in anything that rolls. Renault fans know him well, since he is the author of The Renault 16, Renault 5 From my father, among others. The Panhard brand, which is one of the best connoisseurs, it is a lot. His previous book on PANHARD & LEVASSOR earned him the prize Cugnot in 2006. He also wrote articles in various automotive magazines.
Author: Bernard Vermeylen
With the participation of Philippe Krebs.

A subscription is open for a discount for members until the end of december (€ 99 instead 129 € ) including postage for France. Shipping costs are offered to neighboring countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands)
For the United States or Canada or distant countries outside Europe, there will be postage quotation (depending on quantities). In this case, it is preferable that the person contact me directly the author Bernard Vermeylen (

See the terms of the subscription and download the order form

Download the RIB for a bank transfer

A Panhard & levassor from 1896 to the 5th Hot Tube &  Co of the Medoc on September 18th

The Life of the Auto of November 03, 2016



Les Doyennes were présent at AUTOMEDON

The club stand was held jointly with the Panhard & Levassor Club France. A beautiful CT 24 joined the venerable model of 1897 kindly lent by Robert Panhard.
So we had the honors of the press with a photo on the LVA article devoted to this event.


A panoramic auction

At the time of the sale Acturial in Château-sur-Epte (Oct 2016) a very pretty X73 “Parisienne” found taker at 26750 €; The bodywork was to be reviewed but the engine was rotating.

Congratulations to the proud owner (?)



Our friend Serge Chaumuzeau honored


Article published in the newspaper Sud-Ouest on 10 October 2016

The Deans Make Their Ads

We have made a plastic support to hang (pendon) that we will be able to install in our future different stands to which we will participate soon. This one includes the coordinates of the site, the logos of the federation Panhard clubs, and the FFVE, as well as a sample of the production of Ets P & L prewar of course …

Its dimensions are 1m x 1.40, it can be suspended or hung on a wall or panel.



Chantilly Art & Elegance September 2016: A Panhard & Levassor honored

The magnificent car of our former member laurent Chauffel was honored last week at the very chic gathering of Chantilly.






The general assembly of the club was held in the salons of the Mercure hotel on 05 February 2016



read the report

General assembly : English version ( Trad. Neil Burdock)

See Operations Report

See the balance sheet

We have a new member in the person of Jean-Yves Faucheux, owner of a limousine X73,1936. Welcome to our club.

Welcome to our new member, Jean-Yves Faucheux, owner of an X 73, 1936

The Doyennes at RETROMOBILE 2016

Article published in La Vie de L’Auto for the week of 08/02/2016


“We’re here!” said Arnaud Blanc our president. “For several years now we wanted to be present at Retromobile in order to raise our club profile”.

The club also has a new website (PL etc) together with a new Bulletin. This year all the Panhard clubs are invited to celebrate the 125 years of the marque at Compiegne (France).

This will take place at the beginning of October.

The pretty X19 with tourer body is a 10HP model from 1918 with Poppet Valves. Until recent times the Sleeve Valve engine was generally misunderstood, but their advantages are once again appreciated by collectors. We now have members who are passionate about their cars for the last thirty or forty years.

Today, Sleeve Valve Panhards can be sourced in good order at reasonable prices compared to other quality makes of car.

Traduction :Neil burdock

Our website in the world

2016-04-30 (1)

Our website continues to interest beyond the borders, if Europe and Russia are well represented on may see interest for deans also went to South Africa …

One of our members is honored

Report of Mr Chaumuzeau in “La Charente Libre”: Mr Panhard, thoroughly the old boxes …

Read the article ( in french )…

Panhard & Levassor

Read or download latest news : English


Sad end for a Dynamic in the USA …


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Panhard & Levassor honored in the German press

The December 2015 issue of the magazine OldTimer portrays the firm by evoking the models that made the company famous; The deans are honored, including the Dynamic:




Compte rendu assemblée générale 2016